Increase sales by 25% with Abandoned Shopping Cart automation

Sometimes customers fall out of the purchase journey and get lost in their web browsers, but still intend to buy and need that final push. Abandoned Shopping Cart reminder emails have a proven 25% uplift in online sales making it a no-brainer for any online purchase experience.

We’ve developed Shopper JourneyX™ to remind customers of an incomplete form, followed by another email if they don’t see this. This will also be re-inforced by a targeted 1:1 advertising campaign in Facebook to drive the message home.

大游BG真人 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Shopper JourneyX


Journey Handbook
1:1 Abandon Journey
12 Month Roadmap


Below is a recommended basic package, but we can also tailor a specific package depending on your business needs.


  • Discovery Meeting
  • Blueprint
  • Design Review Meeting

Journey Set Up

  • 2 step Customer Path (Email)
  • 1 x Marketing Cloud Connect
  • 1 x Contact Builder setup
  • 1 x Facebook Ad Campaign


  • Solution Verification Meeting
  • Admin Handover Meeting


  • 2 Hours Training


  • 12 Month Roadmap

Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.

What can you expect

  1. Complete the questionnaire and checklist tasks
  2. Attend a Kick-Off and Discovery meeting
  3. Attend a Blueprint Review and Approval meeting
  4. We will configure Marketing Cloud Connect, configure the steps for the Abandon Journey
  5. Attend a Solution Walkthrough meeting to validate the final build
  6. We will activate the journey and can get started
  7. Receive a Customer Journey Handbook that your team can use in their day to day jobs
  8. Attend a meeting to review your 12 month Customer Journey Roadmap
What can you expect from 大游BG真人


Some of our amazing clients we have helped build smarter customer journeys with.


Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.